Cyber Security Assessments and Penetration Testing

We employ an adversarial approach to find the gaps in your security and their business impacts before hackers exploit them.

Why Organizations Need our Cybersecurity Assessments

You want to know how effective your cybersecurity really is after years of investments. You know that those assessing your security must be at least as skilled as those hacking it. You want straight answers. How effective is your security? What is really at risk? Are the right policies, tools, procedures, and people deployed?

How Cybersecurity Assessments and Pen Tests Benefit the Enterprise

To find what your best adversaries can exploit, you need proven industry experts. Our penetration testing engineers clearly demonstrate what negative business impacts hackers can have. We answer your key questions about your security posture that enable smarter, more focused IT security planning and budgeting.

A Typical Cybersecurity Assessment Engagement

We start by defining with you the scope of what we assess. Then, our ethical hackers systematically assess your security and map the gaps they discover to a best practices framework. We then report our prioritized findings, what you need to improve, and the steps necessary to better protect your interests.

Expert ethical hacking finds enterprise security holes that must be filled:

  • Identify network security gaps
  • Assess malware defenses
  • Test network device security
  • Gauge employee susceptibilities
  • Rate domain controller safety
  • Discover weak passwords
  • Test detection systems
  • Find procedural flaws
  • Root out application holes

To learn how the best hackers can harm your business
and how to withstand their attacks wisely,
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